Editorial Committees

Perspectives on Europe (staff)

Neringa KlumbytÄ—, Editor

Miami University of Ohio

Nicole Shea, Managing Editor

Henrike Dessaules, Production

Natalie Leston, Copyeditor

Reviews & Critical Commentary (staff)

Nicole Shea, Managing Editor

Henrike Dessaules,
Production Manager

Jacqueline LerescuProduction Coordinator
Katrine Øgaard Jensen, Production Coordinator

Natalie Leston, Copyeditor
Laura Heldt, Copyeditor

Reviews & Critical Commentary (Editorial Committee)

Joseph Passaro (Fordham University), Chair

Chiara Benassi (Royal Holloway University of London)

Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn (McMaster University)

Jennifer Carroll (University of Washington)

Irina Ciornei (University of Bern)

Colleen Cusick (CUNY Graduate Center)
Hélène Ducros (University of Leicester) Julian Garritzmann (University of Konstanz)
Leah Goldman (University of Chicago) Sarah Griswold (New York University)
Maria Habanikova (University of Ottawa) Amir Magdy Kamel (King's College London)
Senem Kaptan (Rutgers University) Kelly McKowen (Princeton University)
Courtney McNamara (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) Nicholas Ostrum (Stony Brook University)
Mauro Santaniello (University of Salerno) Láura Vares (Brown University)






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