Recent Awardees - Dissertation Completion Fellowship


Dissertation Completion Fellowships Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Luciana Aenasoaie (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Anthropology and History) - Honorary Award
"Altering Spaces: Memory, Acquaintances, and Marginality in Romanian Transformation Discourses"
Steven Cody (University of Maryland, College Park; Art History and Archaeology)
"Andrea del Sarto (1486-1530) and the Art of Reform"
C.F.S. Creasy (University of California, Berkeley; English)
"An Aesthetics of Things Passed Over, 1857-1953"
Colleen Cusick (CUNY Graduate Center; English)
"Playing With Matches: Marital Manipulation and the Courtship Plot in the Long Nineteenth Century"
Isabel Gabel (Columbia University; History)
"‘Foyers of Heresy’: Molecular Visions and the Philosophy of History in France, 1930-1979"
Leah Goldman (University of Chicago; History)
"Art of Intransigence: Soviet Composers and Art Music Censorship, 1945-1957"
MayaLisa Holzman (University of Wisconsin, Madison; History)
"The Front Within: The Soviet Partisan Movement, the Komsomol, and the Ideological War on the Eastern Front, 1941-1944"
Alexandria Kotoch (University of Texas, Austin; Art History)
"Seeing is Behaving: Frau Welt and the Fürst der Welt, Art and Moral Messages in the Rhineland ca. 1300"
Olivia Sabee (Johns Hopkins/SAIS; German and Romance Languages and Literatures)
"Ballet d'action to ballet-pantomime: dance, text, and narrative in French ballet, 1734-1830"
Anicia Timberlake (University of California, Berkeley; Music)
"Negotiating Traditions: Emotions and Reason, Individuality and Collectivity in Children's Music Education in the German Democratic Republic"
Murat Yildiz (University of California, Los Angeles; History)
"Strengthening Male Bodies and Building Robust Communities: Physical Culture in the Late Ottoman Empire"


Dissertation Completion Fellowships Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Elizabeth Andrews (University of California, Irvine; History)
"The Diffusion of Ideas in an Enlightenment Information Network: Letters to the Editor in Eighteenth Century French Newspapers, 1770-1791"
Nimisha Barton (Princeton University; History)
"Foreign Affairs, Family Matters: Gender and Acculturation in Paris, 1914-1940"
Jennifer Carlson (University of Texas, Austin; Anthropology)
"Farmers of Energy: Cultivating Post-Carbon Publics in Northern Germany"
Philippe Duhart (University of California, Los Angeles; Sociology)
"Between Bullets and Ballots: Disengaging From Terrorism in Northern Ireland and the Basque Country"
Ruth Erickson (University of Pennsylvania; History of Art and Architecture)
"'Assembling Social Forms': The Sociological Art Movement in Post-1968 France"
Diana Georgescu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; History)
"'Ceau┼čescu’s Children': The Making and Unmaking of Romania’s Last Socialist Generation (1965-2005)"
Burleigh Hendrickson (Northeastern University; History)
"Imperial Fragments and Transnational Activism: 1968(s) in Tunisia, France, and Senegal"
Akasemi Newsome (University of California, Berkley; Political Science)
"The Representation of Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities by Labor Unions in Europe"
Elana Resnick (University of Michigan, Ann Harbor; Anthropology)
"Nothing Ever Perishes: A Study of Social, Economic, and Political Change (and Stasis) through the Exploration of 'Waste' in Bulgaria"
Robert Whitaker (University of Texas, Austin; History)
"Policing Globalization: The Imperial Origins of International Police Cooperation, 1918-1960"


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