Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowships in European Studies

The Council for European Studies invites eligible graduate students to apply for the 2016 CES Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowships. Each fellowship includes a minimium of $4,000 in direct funding, the opportunity to publish in Perspectives on Europe, a semi-annual journal of the Council for European Studies, and other professional development activities.

CES Pre-Dissertation Fellowships fund two months’ travel to Europe to conduct the exploratory phase of a projected dissertation project in the social sciences or humanities which will require a subsequent stay in Europe.  The program is intended to facilitate the transition from coursework to fieldwork, and to enable students to make rapid progress in refining their initial ideas into a feasible, interesting, and fundable doctoral project.  Recipients are expected to use CES support to lay such research groundwork as determining the availability of archival materials, scouting possible field sites, testing research design, securing ties with relevant European scholars or institutions.  Typically, they submit applications for dissertation research funding soon after completing CES-funded preliminary research.


Types of Fellowships:

The Council offers three kinds of Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowships:

  1. General European Studies Fellowship for research in any aspect of European Studies (funded by CES)
  2. Anthropology of Europe Fellowship for anthropological research (funded by the Society for the Anthropology of Europe and CES, this award includes a $5,000 direct stipend)
  3. Harriman-CES Fellowship for Columbia graduate students studying any aspect of Central and Eastern European Studies (funded by the Harriman Institute and CES)


To be eligible, applicants must

  • be enrolled in a doctoral program at a university that is a member of the Council for European Studies Academic Consortium; *
  • possess any language skills required to carry out the proposed research;
  • have completed the majority of doctoral coursework;
  • have not yet begun substantial dissertation research in Europe.

* Please note that those students applying for the Harriman-CES Fellowship must be graduate students at Columbia University. All other fellowships are open to students from all member universities.

Barring exceptional circumstances, students who have already received comparable support for pre-dissertation research will not be considered eligible.  Students whose universities are not currently members of the CES consortium are welcome to apply; every effort will be made to enroll the institution, thereby establishing eligibility.  If your university is not currently a member, begin your fellowship application as soon as possible to start the process of enrolling your institution.



Application period opens October 1, 2015.  Applications are due (along with all supporting materials) on or before January 16, 2016. Applicants will be notified of the Committee's decision by the end of April 2016.

To Apply:

Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowship Application

Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowship Faculty Recommendation Form          Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowship Language Competency Form

Submit the CES Pre-Dissertation Fellowship Application Form and return three (3) completed Faculty Recommendation Forms. Also, you must submit a Language Competency Form for every language in which you will require functional knowledge to complete your proposed research.  All materials are due into to CES by January 16, 2016. A complete application will include all five of these forms.


Have questions about the fellowship or application process? Check out our FAQs! You can also see a list of Past Awardees here.






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