2023 Awardee

Congratulations to the winner of the 2023 Carolina de Miguel Moyer Young Scholar Award, Robert Braun. Braun is an assistant professor of Sociology, Jewish Studies, Folklore and Political Science at UC Berkeley where he also runs the working group on European Politics and Society. Robert Braun received his PhD from Cornell University in 2017. Before joining Berkeley he taught sociology and political science at Northwestern University. Robert Braun’s research focuses on civil society and intergroup relationships in times of social upheaval and has been published in the American Journal of Sociology, the Annual Review of Political Science, the American Political Science Review, the American Sociological Review, Theory and Society and Social Forces. 

Robert Braun’s first book “Protectors of Pluralism” published by Cambridge University Press, partly funded by 2 CES fellowships, tries to explain why some local communities step up to protect victims of mass persecution while others refrain from doing so. His second book project, “Bogeymen”, traces the evolution of fear in Central Europe throughout the 19th and 20th century by studying the spread of frightful figures in children’s stories. This award honors Braun’s outstanding contributions to scholarship on Europe. 


The award committee