Global Offices

Headquarters - Columbia University in the City of New York

The Council for European Studies (CES) has been hosted by Columbia University since 1975 and maintains its headquarters in the School of International and Public Affairs. Columbia’s mission of supporting research and teaching on global issues and fostering global academic cooperation to advance knowledge and learning are aligned with the Council’s global networks and critical initiatives to produce, support, and recognize multi-disciplinary research on Europe. Columbia’s Ivy League status is matched by the Council’s recognition as the world’s leading organization on Europe. CES is proud to be part of Columbia’s diverse campus and to use its programs and conferences to contribute to Columbia's multi-disciplinary global learning community.

Council for European Studies

Columbia University

475 Riveside Drive, Room 308i

New York, NY 10115



European Office - Institut Barcelona D'Estudis Internacionals 

The Council for European Studies (CES) opened its first European  office in partnership with the  Institut Barcelona D’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI) in 2014. IBEI is a modern inter-university c  ampus founded by a coalition of affiliated institutions, including Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and the CIDOB Foundation. IBEI offers internationally renowned programs in postgraduate training and research, with an emphasis on politics and international relations. This multipolar structure aligns perfectly with CES’ multicultural and multi-disciplinary vision. Just like CES’ New York headquarters, its Barcelona office feels the pulse of a vibrant cosmopolitan city. Students and faculty engage in diverse cultural and educational programs in their pursuit of knowledge and intellectual curiosity, while fostering transformative thinking and adaptation to global challenges and demands.

Council for European Studies

Institut Barcelona D'Estudis Internacionals

Ramon Trias Fargas 25-27
08005 Barcelona, 


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Council for European Studies | 475 Riverside Drive, 308i | New York, NY 10115