Step by step instructions

Instructions for submitting a paper panel 
The procedure for submitting a panel is a bit different this year. If you are a panel organizer, please follow these steps:

  1. Ask the authors of the papers on your panel to submit their paper proposals individually, using the “submit a paper/panelist” option. When paper authors do this, they will include your name and email address as part of the process. This means you will receive an email confirmation, including a proposal code, for each paper on your panel.
  2. When all paper authors have submitted their abstracts, you are ready to submit the panel. Please make sure that you have the proposal codes to hand for all of the papers on your panel. Click on “Submit a panel.”
  3. The first page asks you to enter the title of the session and an abstract for the panel. You will also be asked whether the session is part of a mini-symposium. You should also check the box for “Paper panel” under “Session Type.”
  4. After clicking "paper panel" you will be asked to "please add discussant information below." Here you can insert the discussant's name, rank, email address, and university affiliation. The discussant will automatically be informed once you finalize the submission.
  5. The next page asks you to check a box to indicate the name of the research network your panel is affiliated with. You do not need to check this box if you are not affiliated with a research network.
  6. The next page asks you to select two disciplinary tags for your panel. 
  7. The next page asks you to describe any scheduling requests you might have. CES staff will do their best to meet all reasonable requests. Click on “save and set agenda” when you are finished.
  8. After you have completed the steps above, you will be taken to the session builder. This is where you add papers to your panel. Use the search box on the right to locate the papers that your paper authors have submitted. Enter the proposal code in the search box, the paper title and author should appear in the box. Click on “add session item.”
  9. When you have finished populating your panel with the papers, click on “finalize my session.” You will be taken to the next page, where you can a chair.
  10. You will automatically be added as chair for your panel. If you’d like to add an additional chair, please click “add chair” and follow the prompts.

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