26th International Conference - Submission Portal

Sovereignties in Contention:
Nations, Regions and Citizens in Europe

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Puerta de Toledo Campus
 Madrid, Spain
June 20-22, 2019  

Sovereignty is at the crux of current developments in Europe and at the center of political debate—of which the 2016 referendum on Brexit is just one example.  The claim to regain national sovereignty vis-a-vis EU policy-making is common to populist movements throughout Europe today, and it currently dominates the rhetoric of the national governments of Hungary and Poland as well.  Anxieties about sovereignty are also key to understanding the demands put forward by regional entities such as Scotland, Catalonia, and Lombardy.
These fights for new forms of sovereignty – or the restoration of old ones – are surprising, even bewildering, to those who imagined that the process of European integration would render the concept of sovereignty obsolete.  Yet recent developments clearly show that sovereignty again has become a crucial concept in political, social and cultural fields.  It is increasingly invoked not only by regions, nations, and Europe itself, but also by minority populations, marginalized groups, and even individuals as the reason justifying their claims of self-governance, emancipation, or political empowerment.

To submit a proposal to the 26th International Conference of Europeanists, please choose the type of proposal you wish to submit below.

Papers are presented by their author(s) and address a particular topic. 

Sessions involve a moderator and discussants, and can take three forms:

  • Paper panels consist of 4-5 papers organized around a common theme with comments provided by a chair and a discussant.
  • Book panels (also known as "Author Meets Critics") bring together 4-6 scholars to debate a recent publication in the field and are moderated by a chair.
  • Roundtables assemble 4-6 scholars to discuss a common theme, idea, or topic with moderation provided by a chair.

Mini-Symposia are a thematic cluster of 3-5 sessions of any of the above types grouped together.




We strongly encourage participants to submit in the widest range of disciplines and, in particular, proposals that combine disciplines, nationalities, and generations. Fully organized panel proposals will be given top priority in the selection process by the Program Committee. Although it is not mandatory that papers be related to the conference theme, papers that do so are especially welcome. For more information on the conference theme, please read the full 26th International Conference of Europeanists - Call for Proposals.

Please refer to our Submission Help page for specific instructions on how to use the CES Conference Submission Portal. Visit our Conference Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about proposal types and requirements.

Call for Proposals Submission Help Conference FAQs

For all questions regarding the submission process, please feel free to reach out to the CES team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Important Dates for the 2019 CES Conference

August 10 2018: Submission Portal Opens.

October 5, 2018: Submission Portal Closes.

November 15, 2018Travel grant applications open.

December 15, 2018: All submitters will be notified regarding the status of their proposals.

January 21, 2019: Program preview is available online and registration opens.

February 11, 2019: Preliminary schedule released for the 26th International Conference of Europeanists.

March 5, 2019: Early-bird registration ends.

April 22, 2019: All scheduled participants must register for the conference. Those who do not will have their names withdrawn from the program.

May 15, 2019: Checks no longer accepted as payment for conference registration. Cash, credit, debit, wire, and PayPal still welcome. Also, no refunds of registration payment offered after this date.

June 10, 2019: Deadline for presenting authors to upload papers.

June 20-22, 2019: 26th International Conference of Europeanists in Madrid.

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