Small Event Grants FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for a CES Small Event Grant?

Faculty, administrators, and students at institutions that are members of the CES Academic Consortium are eligible to apply. For a list of institutions belonging to the CES Academic Consortium, click here. If your institution is not currently a member, you may nominate it by filling out an online nomination form. Please note that the vetting and approval process for potential member institutions may take a few weeks, so please plan accordingly. Institutional membership must be granted and membership dues must be paid before grant applications may be submitted.

Do I need to be formally affiliated with a member institution in order to apply? 

Yes, in order to apply for the grant, you must be currently employed by or enrolled at a CES member institution. If you are not the official CES faculty or administrative liaison for your institution, please note that CES will establish contact with these liaisons in order to verify institutional affiliation.

What events does CES support with its Small Event Grants?

As long as the mission of the event is to share recent research on Europe with a wider community, there are very few limitations to qualify for funding. Events can take the form of lectures, symposia, workshops, film screenings, book panels, and more. If you are not sure if your event qualifies for the grant, please email

How do I apply for a CES Small Event Grant?

You will need to submit a completed application form with an event budget attached as a separate document. Note that paper applications will not be considered.

What is the submission deadline for the Small Event Grants?

The deadline for events taking place in the Spring semester is December 1. The deadline for Fall events is July 15.

How are grant winners selected?

The Grants Committee will make its decision based on the feasibility and potential impact of the proposed event, as well as on the need for the grant to successfully run the event. Any additional sources of funding for the same event should be presented in the event budget.

When will applicants be notified of the results of their applications?

The grant winners will be notified in January and in August, respectively. The event for which the grant application is submitted must therefore take place after these dates, allowing at least 2 to 3 weeks for the awarded grants to be disbursed.

What happens if an event receives a grant but must subsequently be cancelled?

If the grant has already been paid out but was not used for its intended purpose, the full amount must be refunded to CES. If the event is cancelled after the grant has been spent and the full amount can therefore not be reimbursed, the grant winner must submit a grant report detailing the circumstances for cancellation.