CES Sponsored Events

CES proudly announces the following CES sponsored events:

Women in Society from Historical Perspective: The Origins and Developments of Women’s Political, Social and Economic Engagement

July 11, 2017

This one-day conference will highlight projects focused on women in society from a historical perspective. Submissions are encouraged from scholars from a range of disciplines conducting research at the cross-section of gender, politics, history, sociology, and economics in Europe. 

View the ful Call for Papers.

20th Georgetown University Transatlantic Policy Symposium: Divided Europe? Straining the Limits of European Unity

February 19, 2016

The 2016 Transatlantic Policy Symposium will bring together established experts in the transatlantic community with the upcoming generation of thinkers to discuss challenges related to the European project:

How might internal and external forces determine the future of European unity?
What challenges does Europe face, and how do they affect the EU today and in the future?

Read the program here.

Into the Darkness: 1st Annual Pan-European Studies Graduate Conference at the University of Virginia

April 1-3, 2016

Graduate students from the departments of German, Slavic Languages, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese, French, History, and Music at the University of Virginia have come together to organize the first Pan-European Studies Graduate Conference with a truly interdisciplinary exploration of the topic “Darkness” in European Studies. This inaugural Pan-European Studies conference will launch a forum for the exchange of ideas and the professional development of graduate students.

The conference will allow graduate students to practice the art of writing, presenting, and defending conference papers. However, the conference will be opened up to the wider graduate student community in the form of a “Dissertation Speed-Dating” workshop. Graduate students at the university will be invited to attend our workshop at which they will have the chance to practice their “elevator speech” and present it to a fellow student outside of their discipline.