Support CES Fellowships & Awards

Your fully tax-deductible donation towards CES Fellowships & Awards will help the Council for European Studies (CES) sustain one of the most important aspects of its mission: creating opportunities for rising talent in European Studies. For decades, CES has been supporting research on Europe by providing crucial funding and career building opportunities for graduate students, junior scholars, and academic researchers. With your generosity, we pledge to continuously improve and expand the opportunities we provide. Just this year, CES launched two new initiatives, the Undergraduate Paper Prize and Small Event Grants

No matter the size of your contribution, all donations towards Fellowships & Awards add up and make a tangible impact for the next generation of talented researchers and scholars by supplying vital resources. For example:

  • $250 helps pay for one CES fellow or awardee attending the conference
  • $500 funds the First Article or Undergraduate Paper Prize 
  • $725 supports a Travel Grant for a junior faculty or graduate student presenting at the International Conference of Europeanists.
  • $1,000 sponsors the Book Award, or a 1/4 of a Pre-Dissertation Fellowship
  • $3,000 allows CES to organize one graduate student panel or roundtable at the CES conference
  • $6,500 enables a fellow to conduct a research trip and publish his or her work
  • $25,000 shortens time-to-degree for a late stage graduate student by allowing him or her to focus on finishing a dissertation