Research Travel Grants

The CES Research Travel Grants Program supports the travel of European scholars to conduct or present research. Recent grants have included:
Tariq Modood, University of Bristol
Visit to Middlebury College to speak at the symposium, "Muslims and the State in the Post-9/11 West"
Bela Greskovits, Central European University
Visit to the University of Texas, Austin, to offer lecture, "Capital, Labor, and the Prospects of the European Social Model in the East"
James Heartfield, University of Westminster
Visit to Columbia University to present paper, "European Integration: A Process Without a Subject" at the conference, "Sovereignty in the 21st Century"
Ulrike Liebert, University of Bremen
Visit to Cornell University to offer lecture, "If not a Federal Republic of Europe - what then? The Future of the European Constitution"
Frédéric Lordon, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Visit to the University of Michigan to present paper, "Financial Globalization from a 'General Economy of Violence' Viewpoint: A Spinozian-Bourdieusian Reading of Economic Struggles" at the conference, "Practicing Pierre Bourdieu: In the Field and Across Disciplines"
Margit Mayer, Freie Universität Berlin
Visit to Brown University to offer lecture, "The Role of Participation in Combating Social Exclusion," and to present paper, "Berlin Nonprofits in the Current Restructuring of Welfare and Employment Policies," at the Conference on Social Integration in the New Berlin
Günter Schwaiger, Film Director
Visit to the University of California, Los Angeles to speak at the NYU/UCLA Film Series, "The Politics of Memory: New Spanish Documentary Film"
Leila S. Talani, University of Bath
Visit to Hamilton College to offer lecture, "The Dollar, the Euro, and the Future of European Integration"


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