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The free European Studies Newsletter provides a timely mix of news about the Council for European Studies (CES) and its programming, as well as external job listings, fellowships, conference calls, and other items of interest to the broad community of researchers, administrators, students and policy professionals concerned with Europe. The Newsletter has been continuously published by the Council for European Studies since the organization's founding in 1970 and is offered as a free service to the Council's constitutents.

The free source for job and fellowships news

The Council for European Studies is the publisher of the ever-popular Guide to Grants & Fellowships for Europeanists, and so it is no surprise that the European Studies Newsletter is stuffed full of news about jobs, fellowships, grants, calls, and other opportunities available to those studying Europe and European policy issues. The Newsletter features 15-20 new postings in every new issue, with even more listings available to members or regular followers of the Council's Facebook and Twitter accounts.  

International and multi-disciplinary

Because the Council's constituency is international, multi-disciplinary and multi-generational, the news and information presented in the European Studies Newsletter are likewise international and of interest to a wide range of researchers, administrators, students and policy professionals. Whether you are a political scientist or historian, senior scholar or mid-career professional, student or diplomat, you will find information you need to stay engaged and informed.

Committed to guarding your privacy

The European Studies Newsletter, like all the Council's publications, is committed to guarding the privacy of its subscribers. Thus, you have our guarantee that your email address or other personal information will never be sold, rented or otherwise shared. Period. We appreciate your support and interest, and in return we are pledged to protect your privacy. 




Need to get the word out? We can help!

We can help publicize your event or program

The European Studies Newsletter is a value tool for getting the word out about jobs, fellowships, conference calls, and other items of interest to the broad community of researchers, administrators, policy professionals and students engaged with the study of Europe. It is a large and vibrant community, but also one that can be hard to reach. This is where we can help. The European Studies Newsletter provides both paid and free listings for those interested in promoting programs, symposia, jobs or other items of interest.  

Free listings
Whether you are hosting a workshop, offering a new studentship, or publicizing a call for applications, the European Studies Newsletter should be your first stop! Contact the Council for European Studies with your news or special opportunity, and if it meets our guidelines for free listings, we will include it in the Newsletter. This will give you free access to our extensive mailing list of researchers, administrators, policy professionals, students and others focused on the study of Europe, and is an unparalleled resource for those with a tight or nonexistent advertising budget. 

Paid Advertising
Do you want to make sure your news or opportunity gets maximum exposure? If so, then you should definitely look into purchasing advertising space in the European Studies Newsletter. As a non-profit, the Council for European Studies is committed keep its advertising rates low, so you may be pleasantly surprised by how much space you can get for very little money. Publishers, conference organizers, employers and others advertise with us, you should too!  

Sample paid advertisements: 



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