WSF-CES FEDL Call for Submissions!

The WSF-CES FEDL is a year-long fellowship that expands on the WSF-CES foundational “Writing Lab” to create a virtual collaborative space that allows Global South[1] and Global North scholars to think together towards solutions to the major global issues of our time. 

There are four layers to the FEDL:

  • Exchange and development of ideas via regular Zoom meetings and participation in various CES virtual events when possible.
  • Production of a book chapter for an edited volume on the current FEDL topic: “Overcoming Divides for a Green Global Europe.”
  • Participation in the annual CES conference, to be held in Lisbon in July 2022 (with travel funding assistance from the WSF).
  • Finally, all fellows are considered for a writing award based on their chapter.

[1] International Sociological Associate country categories B and C:

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