How to Write a Successful Grant Application

How to Write a Successful Grant Application

Thursday, March 24, 2022 | 10:00-11:30 am EDT | 4:00-5:30 pm CET

Workshop Leaders: Lesley-Ann Daniels, IBEI; Matthias vom Hau, IBEI

This 90-minute workshop will shed light on how to best prepare for and secure Individual large-scale funding, such as ERC and Marie Curie grants. The leaders of this workshop have extensive hands-on experience and will draw on abstracts/intros from ERC and SECUREU applications, failed and successful, as illustrations. Participants will further learn how to align their proposals with the requirements and objectives of the chosen funder, which is essential in today’s hypercompetitive environment. 

Lesley-Ann Daniels is a research fellow at IBEI and is coordinator of the SECUREU Jean Monnet Network, which brings together learning on ethnic minorities, migration and securitization. She has received grant funding from the European Commission as a Marie Curie Fellow, the Spanish and Catalan Ministries for Research and from the AXA Research Fund. Her research interests are political violence, civil wars, post-conflict peacebuilding, transitional justice and identity rights.

Matthias vom Hau is an Associate Professor at IBEI and is PI of the ETHNICGOODS ERC Consolidator Grant, which studies the potential spuriousness of the relationship between ethnic diversity and public goods provision, and the SECUREU Jean Monnet Network, which develops connections between the fields of ethnicity/migration and securitization. His research focuses on the intersection between ethnic politics, institutions, and development.