Territorial Politics and Federalism

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The Territorial Politics and Federalism Research Network provides a platform for scholars interested in the broad themes of territory and federalism, within but also outside Europe and the European Union. Topics of interest range from multilevel governance and politics at multiple levels including cities (local or urban governance), regional, subnational, national, supranational, and global levels to the reform of government structures, borders, multilevel citizenship, electoral districts and territorial representation, political geography, paradiplomacy, confederalism, consociationalism, ethnic conflict, the effect of territory or federalism/decentralisation on government processes, outputs, and outcomes, substate nationalism, and broader issues surrounding participation, legitimacy, identity, efficiency, and democracy.


Yasemin Irepoglu Carreras, University of California, Riverside, ycarre@ucr.edu

Nathalie Behnke, TU Darmstadt, Germany, nathalie.behnke@tu-darmstadt.de