Transnational Memory and Identity in Europe

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Intellectual Focus
The Research Network on Transnational Memory and Identity in Europe brings together scholars who analyse transnational politics and policies of memory, processes of memory entrepreneurship, cultures of remembrance and identity construction in the context of European integration. Our aim is to foster exchange between scholars from different disciplines who are working on related subjects – including heritage, public history, political culture, communication, trauma, migration, diversity, religion – and who use memory and identity as the baseline of their research. We want to strengthen research that is cutting-edge and interdisciplinary in nature, approaching memory and identity issues from different perspectives in the social sciences and the humanities (history, sociology, political science, psychology, law, anthropology, cultural studies, literary studies and more).

The Network is currently constituted by over 250 academics based in eighteen different countries on five continents. We welcome new members without regard to disciplinary background, national context, approach or age who are interested in analysing social and political processes of meaning-making in contemporary Europe.

We facilitate cross-disciplinary and cross-border cooperation though the organisation of goal-oriented workshops and theoretical or methodological training seminars. In order to support in-person networking, we organise Research Network gatherings and special conference sessions that can feed into joint publications and new cooperative research projects. A comprehensive database of scholars enables the search for new partners and allows for enhanced networking between scholars and policy makers.


Board Members: 

Former chairs: Daphne Winland, York University,  

Network Constitution

Constitution ratified on November 9, 2015

The constitution of the CES Research Network on Transnational Memory and Identity has been ratified via an online vote in November 2015. All members of the Research Network were encouraged to review this document and submit their vote. If you are a member of the Network, but did not receive an e-ballot on November 1, please get in touch with CES at