The Political Economy and Welfare Research Network

(formerly the Industrial Relations, Skill Formation and Welfare State Policies network)

This network seeks to be genuinely interdisciplinary in nature, sensitive to a variety of methodological approaches and to bringing together young as well as senior scholars from both sides of the Atlantic.

The thematic focus of the network is to study the institutions, politics and policies of industrial relations, skill formation systems and welfare state regimes from a broad comparative perspective, combining historical with cross-national comparisons. The network will initially focus on three key issues, gradually expanding its remit over time. Those issues are: 1. the Origins and Trajectories of Education and Social Politices; 2. the Comparative Political Economy of Regime Formation and Change; and 3. Cross-border Connections, Internationalization and Europeanization.  

Co-Chairs: Julian Garritzmann, University of Zurich, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
                  Tomasz Inglot, Minnesota State University, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
                  Julia Moses, University of Sheffield, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Network Announcements:

Winner of the Best Paper Award 2016 of the CES Network Political Economy and Welfare

The Political Economy and Welfare Research Network is delighted to announce the winner of this year's annual prize for the best paper presented by a network member in a network sponsored panel at the 2016 CES Conference in Philadelphia.

The Prize Committee of the CES Research Network on Political Economy and Welfare has decided to award this year’s best paper prize to "Politics, Markets and Top Income Shares"
, writteEvelyne Huber, Jingjing Huo, and John D. Stephens.

The award committee found the paper to be an important contribution to debates about inequality in post-industrial democracies. Employing data from the World Wealth and Income Database, it identifies the political, institutional and economic deteminants of the top income share, the income share of the top 1 percent in particular. The core finding of the paper is that political factors, in particular union density, secular-right governments and private investment in education, matter more than socio-economic factors. All in all, the paper is an impressive example of what social science work should be about: analysing a problem of societal relevance with the help of a well-developed theory and a sound empirical analysis. We congratulate Evelyne, JingJing, and John on this achievement! 

Honorable Mention

The Prize Committee has also decided to give an honorable mention to "Imagine All the People: Literature, Society and Cross-National Variation in Education Systems" by Cathie Jo Martin, Professor of Political Science at Boston University and former chair of CES. 

Cathie Jo Martin’s paper represents a novel approach to the study of the historical development of education system. Integrating literature studies with the comparative analysis of welfare states, she analyzes depictions of young adults in British and Danish novels over a long period of time and argues that these literary contributions can approximate the influence of culture on policy development. She identifies crucial differences between individualistic Britain and collectivist Denmark in these novels, which may contribute to understanding why these countries have pursued very different approaches in educational and welfare state reform. Martin’s work is an excellent example of interdisciplinary cooperation and communication between the social sciences and the humanities, a core objective of the Council for European Studies. Congratulations to Cathie!

The prize-winning paper and honourable mention will be announced formally at the network’s meeting during next year's CES conference in Glasgow, July 12-14, 2017. 




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