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The Council for European Studies (CES) offers a variety of advertising options to help spread the word about your latest publications, programs, and other promotions to a vibrant community of scholars, researchers, and policy specialists. Advertising space is available in all Council publications and through multiple streams at the International Conference of Europeanists. We also offer exclusive opportunities for conference sponsors

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European Studies
Newsletter (ESN)
CritCom Conference Advertising

  European Studies Newsletter (ESN)

The European Studies Newsletter (ESN) provides CES news and programming, external job posts, fellowship and conference calls, and more. Each month it reaches about 30,000 subscribers: researchers, administrators, professionals, and students engaged in the study of Europe around the world.

As a non-profit, advertising helps support the mission of the Council for European Studies. We are committed to keeping ad rates low and each ad purchase includes complimentary CES social media publicity.



     Ad Type Ad Size Monthly Quarterly
     Small sidebar 400 x 413px $75 $180
     Medium sidebar 400 x 488px $100 $240
     Large footer  1000 x 372px $125 $300


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Reviews & Critical Commentary (CritCom)

CritCom is the Council's online magazine for research and commentary on Europe. Filled with feature articles, expert commentary, book reviews and book news, CritCom provides a perfect platform for advertisers who want to reach a large number of people quickly. About 10,000 European Studies scholars, students, administrators and policy professionals read Reviews & Critical Commentary (CritCom) each week.

As with other CES advertising, all CritCom ad purchases include complimentary social media publicity, so your content will also reach the Council's thousands of Facebook fans and Twitter followers.


       Ad Type Ad Size Weekly Monthly
        Front page text 25 words + link $50 $170
        Small sidebar (above fold) 300 x 250px $195 $665
        Small sidebar (below fold) 300 x 250px $175 $595
        Pop-up 500 x 350px $210 $675

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