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EuropeNow is an online monthly journal of ideas, art, and politics relating to Europe, with a blog that publishes weekly. We feature research, criticism, and journalism on Europe alongside literary nonfiction, fiction, poetry, translations, and visual art from or concerning Europe. Our contributors are established and emerging academics, artists, authors, and journalists from a wide range of countries, while the editorial staff and committee similarly consist of both experienced and emerging editors. Our mission is to provide a unique, kaleidoscopic understanding of various political and academic topics, and to expand this dialogue to literature and the arts.

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Publications Executive Sub-Committee
Karen Anderson (Chair); Nicole Shea; Deborah Reed-Danahay; Erik Bleich; Orfeo Fioretos

Executive Editor 
Nicole Shea, CES

Katrine Øgaard Jensen, CES

Associate Editor 
Kayla Maiuri, CES

Assistant Editor
Olivia Sklarew, CES

Graphic Designer
Zoey Ren, CES

Web Designer
Zachary Zinn, CES

History in Action Research Associate
Jake Purcell, CES

Political Science Editorial Committee
Malcolm Campbell-Verudyn, McMaster University; Julian Garritzmann, University of Konstanz; Matteo Laruffa, LUISS Guide Carli University; Muireann O’Dwyer, University College Dublin; Mihai Sebe, European Institute of Romania

Research Editorial Committee
Geography: Hélène Ducros (Chair), University of North Carolina; Robert Brears, University of Canterbury; Economics: Courtney McNamara, Norwegian University of Science and Technology; Ovidiu Ioan Dumitru, Vienna University of Business & Economics; International Relations: Daniela Irrera, University of Catania; History: Samantha Lomb, Viatka State University; Louie Dean Valencia-García, Harvard University; Nicholas Ostrum, Stony Brook University; Sociology: Justyna SalamoĊ„ska, Trinity College; Ozden Oack, George Mason University; Anthropology: Kelly McKowen; Comparative Literature: Thomas Nolden, Wellesley College; Colleen Cusick, Queens College

Arts Editorial Committee
Contemporary Art Curator: Maria-Alina Asvei, Charles University; Architecture: Antonio Laruffa, Politecnico di Milano; Visual Arts: Megan Plunkett, Bard College; Painting: Lily Prince, Bard College, Academic Pathologist & Illustrator: Eugen Petcu, Griffith University

Commentary Editor
Abbi Rosewood, Columbia University

Commissioning Editor, Politics
Olivia Wells, Vytautas Magnus University

Literary Editors
Patty Nash, University of Iowa
Scott Shanahan, Columbia University

Podcast Producer
Daniel Goulden, Brandeis University

Olaya Barr, Columbia University


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