Transnational Memory Board Nominations and Elections

Announcing Candidates for the 2017 Board Elections: 

Lea David (website)
Marie Curie Research Fellow
School of Sociology 
University College Dublin

I am an early-stage researcher, coming from sociology, anthropology and history backgrounds. I comparatively research conflict areas with the focus on the Balkans and Israel/Palestine. I held several postdoc fellowships including at Tel Aviv University and Fulbright fellowships at Pittsburgh University. Currently I am a Marie Curie research fellow at UCD. My main research interests cover the relationship between human rights, nationalism and memory, standardization of memory, policing of memory and the Holocaust/genocide nexus among other issues. As a person, I am gloomy in my spirit, but bright in my mind. I believe in sarcasm, humour, hard work and kindness. Vote for me! Or not.

Alma Jeftić (website) (website)
University of Belgrade Ph.D. Candidate

Senior Teaching Assistant in Psychology
International University of Sarajevo

Alma Jeftić is psychologist and lecturer at the International University of Sarajevo. She is PhD candidate in Psychology at the University of Belgrade where she received Borislav Lorenc award aimed at the outstanding students of psychology. In 2017 she received Go Styria Scholarships for the best doctoral students from South-East Europe and currently spends Fall Semester 2017/18 at the University of Graz. Her book on social aspects of memories will be published by Routledge in 2018. Alma's research focuses on different aspects of memories and she advocates application of science and activism. Besides that, she writes poetry and short stories. 

Nela Milic (website)
University of the Arts 
London College of Communication

Nela Milic is a Senior Lecturer for Contextual and Theoretical Studies at London College of Communication. She is interested in the intersection of time and space, which has brought her to many multi-media and mapping projects where she's dealt with memory, narrative, digital archives, city and participation. Nela worked on the project TimeCase: Memory in Action for Gulbenkian Foundation with a Grundtvig grant. She is a reviewer of Memory Studies journal and is a member of Space and Place and Design Activism research hubs. Nela supervises researchers working in visual memory, memory methods, urban development, art and the Balkans.

Paolo Ruspini (website)
Associate researcher ISR
Sciences de la Société
Université de Geneve

I have been in the CES Memory Network since its foundation and represented Switzerland in the COST ISTME Action where I enjoyed exchanging knowledge to understand transnational processes of memory and belonging among different migrants in Europe and beyond.  

Memory and migration lies at the core of my research interests here, whereas I have been researching international and European migration and integration for the last twenty years with a comparative and transnational approach.  I would be really keen in helping to prepare innovative empirical and theoretical research proposals aimed at further developing the network and providing sustainability over time. Thank you!

On November 1-8, 2015, the CES Research Network on Transnational Memory and Identity in Europe conducted a vote to elect the members of its governing board, who will join the network's co-Chairs. We are pleased to announce the three newly elected Board members. You can read their bios below.

Board Members:

Lily Gardner Feldman (website)

Lily directs the Society, Culture and Politics Program at the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies/Johns Hopkins University. She was previously a tenured professor at Tufts University. In her professional career of over 40 years, she has focused on how Germany has confronted in its foreign relations with former victims a history of war, occupation and genocide, including attention to concrete acts of commemoration and remembrance. She has added recently the comparative cases of Japan, the Balkans and Turkey. In the reconciliation field, she has extensive experience organizing conferences, creating fellowship programs, and developing international research networks. She is particularly interested in creating opportunities for young scholars and practitioners.

Sara Jones (website)

Sara is a Senior Research Fellow/Lecturer in the Institute for German Studies (IGS) at the University of Birmingham (UK). Her research has focused particularly on memory of the GDR in a comparative context. She is currently working on a project analysing cross-border collaboration between European 'memory entrepreneurs.' She was project lead for the IGS's DAAD-funded network Worldviews: The German Past and the Contemporary World and is convenor for the History and Remembrance panel of the Association of German Studies in Great Britain and Ireland. 

Nicolas Moll (website)

Nicholas holds a PhD in Contemporary History from the University of Freiburg i. Br. and is currently working in Sarajevo as a freelance historian and intercultural trainer. His research interests include processes of dealing with the past and of reconciliation in post-conflict areas, especially in the post-Yugoslav space since the 1990s, and in Western Europe after 1945. He is also coordinator of Memory Lab – Trans-European Exchange Platform on History and Remembrance which is gathering practitioners in the field of dealing with the past from the successor-states of Yugoslavia and from Western Europe.


Aline Sierp

Aline is Assistant Professor in European Studies at Maastricht University and is one of the two chairs of the CES Research Network on Transnational Memory and Identity in Europe. Her research interests cover collective memory, questions of identity and European integration. Before joining the University of Maastricht, Aline Sierp worked as researcher at the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. She is the author ofHistory, Memory and Transeuropean Identity: Unifying Divisions (Routledge, 2014) and member of the COST network ‘In Search of Transcultural Memory in Europe’ and the ‘Historical Dialogues, Justice, and Memory Network.'

Jenny Wüstenberg (website)

Jenny is (as of January 2016) Visiting Assistant Professor in Political Science and German and European Studies at York University in Toronto. She is a founding Co-Chair of the Research Network on Transnational Memory and Identity in Europe. Her research examines civil society activism, transnational networks, and methodology in memory politics. She is the author of Moving Memory: Civil Society and Remembrance in Postwar Germany (forthcoming, Cambridge University Press). Jenny is a member of the “German Studies Association Memory Studies Network” and the “Historical Dialogues, Justice, and Memory Network.”

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