Support A Scholar

Dear CES Community,

Because this year has been full of stresses and uncertainties that have had profound professional repercussions for many among us, CES has been working hard to develop innovative ways to support our colleagues and students. We are proud to announce a new initiative that invites scholars to support annual membership dues for doctoral students and early-career researchers.

Sponsored students and postdocs receive exclusive access to valuable CES resources, including:

  • Research Networks: An opportunity to strengthen their professional connections via our expansive CES Research Networks.
  • Professional Development: Access to the CES Professional Development webinar series, a new monthly online program devoted to digital tools in academia.
  • CES Digital Hub: PhD students and junior scholars have the opportunity to receive feedback for their work from a well-established scholar within the CES global community via the CES Digital Hub initiative
  • Grants & Fellowships Database: Access to a comprehensive listing of funding opportunities of interest to Europeanists and scholars worldwide via the CES Grants & Fellowships Database.
  • Grants, Fellowships, and Awards: Eligibility for a wide range of CES Grants, Fellowships, and Awards to support their studies, research, and publications.
  • International Conference of Europeanists: Reduced member rates at our annual International Conference of Europeanists.

Student memberships are only $50, and postdoctoral memberships are $65. If you have a doctoral student and/or early-career researcher in mind that you would like to sponsor, please fill out this form. If you would like us to find someone who would benefit from your support, you can make a donation here and click on the “Support a Scholar” option. Lastly, if you are a student or recent doctoral recipient who would like to receive support, please fill out this form.

Note: All donations are fully tax-deductible for US residents.

We hope that this new initiative will ease some of the financial hardship that doctoral students and early-career researches are faced with, and will provide a way for more established members to help others in this challenging time.

As always, thank you for your support, and we hope to see many of you in Iceland in June 2021.


Erik Bleich

Chair of the CES Executive Committee