Lyon 2024 Excursions

Radical Europe: Violence, Emancipation & Reaction

Science Po Lyon & Université Lyon 2 | Lyon, France
July 3-5, 2024

Our conference attendees and their travel companions are highly encouraged to explore Lyon.

Lyon has always been at the crossroads of European trade and is a passionate city which is a meeting place, and is both welcoming and open to the world. 

Its unique architectural heritage (listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site), its reputation as the international capital of gastronomy, but also its cultural vibrancy and the audaciousness of its new urban developments, from the Confluence district to the banks of the Saône, now make it one of Europe’s most prized and “trendy” city tourism destinations. 

Everything is in place to guarantee you an unforgettable experience: marvels of the past, contemporary innovation and the art of living. 

The list of excursions organized for the CES conference attendees is available here. Password to access the platform is CESBOOKING.

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