Research Network Awards & Prizes

Are you a member of one of CES’ Research Networks? You could be eligible for one of several awards and prizes being offered by our network chairs. Please note, only RN Members in good standing with active CES membership status are eligible. Nominees who are not CES members will not be considered. Keep scrolling for the full list of awards and prizes.

How to nominate:

  1. Make sure the person you are nominating is an active CES member. Individuals nominated who are not a member will not be considered
  2. Download and fill out this form.
  3. Email the completed form directly to the corresponding Research Network Chairs. Use the subject line “Nomination Form: Research Network Awards.” For contact details, click here.

Political Parties, Party Systems and Elections

Peter Mair Prize | July 29 2023

This research network welcomes nominations for its annual “Peter Mair Prize.” The network is awarding the prize to the best paper on Political Parties, Party Systems and Elections presented in a CES panel affiliated with the network. A jury will select the best paper among the nominations. The author of the selected paper will be awarded a $500 prizeThe submission deadline is July 29, 2023 (one month after the conference). Every member of the network is invited to (self)nominate papers. Authors are very much invited to revise and further improve their paper after the conference and before submission.