Recent Awardees – Pre-Dissertation Fellowship


Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by the Society for the Anthropology of Europe (SAE)

Giorgia Mirto (Columbia University)
“The Political Life of Border Death in South Italy”


Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by the Society for the Anthropology of Europe (SAE)

Ariana Gunderson (Indiana University, Bloomington)
“Selling Food as Text in the German Recipe Industry”


Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by the Society for the Anthropology of Europe (SAE)

Celine Eschenbrenner (Tulane University, Cultural Anthropology)
“Minority in Exile: Biological Age and the French Asylum System”


Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by the Society for the Anthropology of Europe (SAE)

Augusta Xenia Thomson (New York University, Sociocultural Anthropology)
“Sustaining Pilgrimage in the Anthropocene: Heritage Consumption on the Camino de Santiago”


Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by Alliance

Roslyn Dubler (Columbia University, History)
“Indiscriminate Integration: Britain andthe Rise of Non-Discrimination Law in Europe, 1957-1997”
Randal Grant Kleiser (Columbia University, History)
“Connected Imperial Reforms in the Post-Seven Years War Moment”
Amelia Spooner (Columbia University, History)
“Protectionism and Free Trade in Theory and Practice: The Atlantic World from Revolution to World War”
Danielle Carr (Columbia University, Anthropology)
“Political Anatomies of the Cyborg: Brain Implants as State Infrastructures, 1945-2017”

Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by the Harriman Institute

Claudia Sbuttoni (Columbia University, Italian)
“Race in the Julian March: “Italia irredenta” as colonial project”

Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by the Society for the Anthropology of Europe (SAE)

 Maria Lechtarova (New York University, Sociocultural Anthropology)
“Translating Rituals of Mourning into Technologies of Exclusion: How Bulgarian Obituary Postings   Appropriate Public Discourses of Identity Construction”


Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by Alliance

John Glasenapp (Columbia University, Music)
“The Beaupré Antiphoner: Liturgy, Community, and Continuity (1290-1796)”

Sabina Vaccarino Bremner (Columbia University, Philosophy)
“Foucault’s Anthropology: A New Philosophical Defense”

Shivani Radhakrishnan (Columbia University, Philosophy)          
“Alienation, Ideal Theory, and Ideology Critique”

Qingfan Jiang (Columbia University, Historical Musicology)
Toward a Global Enlightenment: Missionaries, Musical Knowledge, and the Making of Encyclopedias in Eighteenth-Century France and China”

Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by the Harriman Institute

Lotte Houwink ten Cate (Columbia University, History)
“The Discovery of Rape: The Outlawing of Intimate Violence in Modern Europe, 1960-1997”

Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by the Society for the Anthropology of Europe (SAE)

Burge Abiral (Johns Hopkins/SAIS, Anthropology)
“Co-Existing with Pests and Weeds in the Anthropocene: The Ethics and Practice of Ecological Cultivation in Turkey”


Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by the Council for European Studies

Aaron Cardoso (University of California, Santa Cruz; Political Science)
“Local History and the Nativist Vote: UKIP’s Success and Failure in Small Town England”

Monica Chieffo (University of California, Los Angeles; Musicology)
“Building Sound and Composing Place on the Italian Peninsula, 1580-1630”

Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by Alliance

Jordan Katz (Columbia University; History)
“Wise Women”: Gender, Religion, Medicine and the Boundaries of Knowledge in Early Modern Europe”

Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by the Society for the Anthropology of Europe (SAE)

Kieran Kelley (University of Chicago; Anthropology)
“Living with Drugs in the Republic of Ireland”


Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by the Council for European Studies

Brian Griffith (University of California, Santa Barbara; History)
“Bringing Bacchus to the People: Viticulture, National Identity, and the Politics of Consumption in   Fascist Italy, 1922-1945”

Dominika Kruszewska (Harvard University; Government)
“From the Streets to the Party Lists: Dilemmas and Strategies of Protest-born Parties”

James White (University of Alberta; History, Classics)
“Ring of Flesh: Late Medieval Devotion to the Holy Foreskin”

Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by the Harriman Institute

Hannah Elmer (Columbia University; History)
“Sites of Life: Resuscitating and Baptizing Dead Infants in Central Europe, 1400-1600”

Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by the Society for the Anthropology of Europe (SAE)

Sarah Brennan (Columbia University; International and Transcultural Studies)
“Intimate Nation: Sexuality and Asylum in the Netherlands”


Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by the Council for European Studies

Binio Binev (Georgetown University; Government)
“Democratic Institutions and the Populist Syndrome: Latin America and Post-Communist Europe in Comparative Perspective”

Salar Mohandesi (University of Pennsylvania; History)
“The Long May 68: Experiments in Political Struggle”

Carolyn Taratko (Vanderbilt University; History)
“Energy, State and Society in Nineteenth-Century Germany”

Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by the Harriman Institute

Harun Buljina (Columbia University; History)
“Balkan Junction: the Sanjak of Novi Pazar and the Collapse of the old European Order, 1878-1923”

Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by the Society for the Anthropology of Europe (SAE)

Grace Gu (New York University; Anthropology)
“Work, Migration and Crisis in Spain: Evaluating the Eurozone economic model in cultural context”


Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by the Council for European Studies

Tomasz Blusiewicz (Harvard University; History)
“Economic ideas and economic life under Stalin: The Integration of the Recovered Territories in communist Poland, 1945-1956”

Megan Brown (CUNY Graduate Center; History)
“Humanitarian Self-Interest: Pied-Noir Advocacy and the Assertion of a Dissenting Community Identity”

Katlyn Carter (Princeton University; History)
“Politics and the Press: Speaking for the People in Revolutionary France and America”

Christopher Gillett (Brown University; History)
“Catholicism in Revolutionary England: Toleration, Anti-popery, and Information Systems, 1630-1673”

Zeynep Kasli (University of Washington, Seattle; Near and Middle Eastern Studies)
“Limits of Citizenship along the Borders of the States: ‘Transit’ Migrants and the ‘Locals’ of the Greek-Turkish borderland”

Pre-Dissertation Grants funded by the Society for the Anthropology of Europe (SAE)

Senem Kaptan (Rutgers University; Anthropology)
“The Making of Citizenship Through Law, Justice, and Victimhood in Turkey’s Anti-Coup Trials”


Pre-Dissertation Grants Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Grace Allen (University of Wisconsin, Madison; History)
“Creating Consumers: Salons and the Development of a Mass Consumer Society in Postwar France”

Andrew Cashner (University of Chicago; Music)
“Hearing, Faith, and the Power of Music in Hispanic Villancicos, 1600-1700”

Borislav Chernov (American University; History)
“‘The Future Depends of Brest-Litovsk’: War, Peace, and Revolution in Central and Eastern Europe, 1917-1918”

Caitlin Fox-Hodess (University of California, Berkeley; Sociology)
“Strategies for Building Structural Power in the 21st Century European Port Industry: A Comparative Study of the IDC and the ITF”

Jane Freeland (Carleton University; History)
“Domestic Violence in Divided Germany, 1969-1990”

James Graham (Columbia University; Architecture)
“The Psychotechnical Architect: Modernism’s Laboratory Cultures, 1914-1946”

Sarah Griswold (New York University; French Studies)
“A culture of peace? Forging French cultural diplomacy abroad, 1919-1939”

Carla Heelan (Harvard University; History)
“Medievalism and the Making of Modern Germany, 1815-1914”

Aaron Kahn (University of Wisconsin, Madison; History)
“Benevolent Nationalism: The Cultural Origins of Postwar Swedish Identity”

Soo-Young Kim (Columbia University; Anthropology)
“Soothsaying These Days: Forecasting the Economy in Greece”

Amy Limoncelli (Boston College; History)
“Redefining a Role: The British in the United Nations, 1945-1970”

Aleksandar Matovski (Cornell University; Government)
“Popular Dictators: The Attitudinal Roots of Electoral Authoritarianism”

Fabio Mattioli (CUNY Graduate Center; Anthropology)
“Desiring the Private: New regulations of production and the transformation of post-socialist urban spaces in Skopje, Macedonia”

Anndal Narayanan (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; History)
“Home from the Djebel: Veterans of Algeria in French society, 1954-1999”

Nicholas Ostrum (SUNY Stony Brook; History)
“Oil, Germany, and the Global Economy, 1940-1973”

R. Joseph Parrott (University of Texas, Austin; History)
“Postponing the Wind of Change: The Global Politics of Portuguese Decolonization”

Ryan Patrico (Yale University; History)
“The Catholic Religious Women of Lutheran Württemberg, 1534-1609”

Javier Samper Vendrell (University of Wisconsin, Madison; History)
“Germany’s Future Citizens: Youth, Gender, and Sexuality during the Weimar Republic”

Jonathan Sherry (University of Pittsburgh; History)
“A Moscow Trial in Barcelona? Soviet Communism, the Spanish Civil War, and the P.O.U.M. Prosecution in the Cold War Mind”

Lauren Stokes (University of Chicago; History)
“The Migrating Mind: Entwurzelung and Mental Illness in the Twentieth Century”

Katrina Uhly (Northeastern University; Sociology & Anthropology)
“Reconstituting Portals and Power Relations: The Internationalization of l’Ecole polytechnique”

Pre-Dissertation Grant Funded by the Society for the Anthropology of Europe

Laura LeVon (State University of New York at Buffalo; Anthropology)
“Being Orange after the Troubles: Constructing and Commemorating Identity in the Aftermath of Violence” 


Pre-Dissertation Grants Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Julia Ault (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; History)
“A Different Shade of Green: Environmental Activism under Communism, 1980-1990”

Robert Braun (Cornell University; Government)
“Social Integration and Solidarity: Evidence from the Holocaust” 

Mara Caden (Yale University; History)
“Making Imperial Capitalism: The Politics of Manufacturing in the British Empire, 1660-1760” 

Emily Cersonsky (Columbia University; English & Comparative Literature)
“Inimical Languages: Conflicts of Internal Translation in British Modernist Literature” 

Alexandra Cirone (Columbia University; Political Science)
“Interests in the Supranational: Organized Lobbying Strategies in the EU” 

Harley Davidson (University of Kansas; History)
“An Empire and Its Forests: Forest Management in Andalusia, 1560-1600” 

Matthew Franke (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Music)
“The Impact of French Opera in Milan, 1880-1908”

Laura Hohman (Catholic University of America; History)
“Carolingian Sermons: Religious Reform, Pastoral Care, and Lay Piety”

Catherine Homan (Emory University; Philosophy)“The Ludic Turn in Twentieth Century Philosophy” 

Catherine Hughes (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Music)
“National and Cosmopolitan Identities for a Capital City: Musical Culture in Brussels, 1880-1930” 

Casiana Ionita (Columbia University; French & Romance Philology)
“How to Be a Good Spectator: Cinema and Pedagogy in France (1912-1930)” 

Biorn Ivemark (University of British Columbia; Sociology)
“Making Black France: Assimilation and identity-construction among Antillean and African immigrants in Paris” 

Johanna Lenkner (New York University; Anthropology)
“Producing Legal Exclusion: Envisioning the Problem of Immigration through Statistical Representation, a Case Study of Moroccan Immigrants in Barcelona” 

Lisa Maguire (American University; History)
“The Pan-French Mediterranean: A Comparative Study of French Colonialism in Morocco and Syria/Lebanon” 

Matthew Maguire (Boston University; Political Science)
“The Political Economy of Corporate Social Responsibility and Private Policymaking in Europe” 

Michelle Maydanchik (University of Chicago; Art History)
“Creative Disruption: Performance Art in Postwar Moscow” 

Megan McCarthy (Columbia University; Art History & Archeology)
“The Empire on Display: Exhibitions of German Art in America, 1897-1914” 

Anthony Minnema (University of Tennessee, Knoxville; History)
“Banned at Paris: The Medieval European Readers of al-Ghazali, 1200-1500” 

Christoph Nguyen (Northwestern University; Political Science)
“The Political Economy of Cooperation: Assessing the effects of institutional change on trust and cooperation in European Economies” 

Lindsay Pettingill (Georgetown University; Government)
“In your (planner’s) dreams: Estimating the effects of the local built environment and residential sorting on civic and political behaviors”

Matthew Robinson (Northwestern University; Religious Studies)
“Schleiermacher on the Question of Theology and the Study of Religion”

Ayelet Rosen (New York University; History and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies)
“The Consolidation of Ottoman Power in Bosnia, 1463-1580”

Sarah Zarrow (New York University; History & Judaic Studies)
“Into the Shtetl: 20th-Century Jewish Ethnography in Galicia”  

Pre-Dissertation Grant Funded by the Luso-American Development Foundation

Benjamin Breen (University of Texas, Austin; History)
“Stocking Europe’s Medicine Cabinet: The Portuguese Empire and the Origins of the Global Drug Trade, 1640-1750”  

Pre-Dissertation Grant Funded by the Society for the Anthropology of Europe

Tyler Boersen (New School for Social Research; Anthropology)
“Visible Labor: The Making of a Precarious Workers Movement in Greece”


Pre-Dissertation Grants Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Ozan E. Aksoy (CUNY Graduate Center; Music)
“Music of the Kurdish Alevi Diaspora in Germany: Struggling with and for Multiple Identities”

Elizabeth Andrews (University of California, Irvine; History)
“Charity and Bienfaisance in an age of Transition: 1760-1789″ 

Matthew Crotty (University of California, San Diego; History)
“Sport and the Making of Modern Germany: Politics and Football Supporter Identity in Hamburg, 1880-1989” 

Jonathan DeCoster (Brandeis University; American History)
“Intimate Enemies: Native Rivalry and Imperial Competition in the Colonial Southeast, 1564-1614” 

Elisabeth Fink (New York University; History and French Studies)
“Elections and Empire: Voting in French West Africa, 1945-1960” 

Erin Glunt (Yale University; History & Renaissance Studies)
“Reform, Reformation, and Exorcism: Crisis in a Sixteenth-Century French Convent” 

Shaun Jacob Halper (University of California, Berkeley; History)
“Jews in the Age of Homosexual Emancipation: 1897-1948” 

Melissa Lo (Harvard University; History of Science)
“Making Progress: Bernard le Bovier Fontenelle and the Language of the Académie royale des sciences, 1699-1740” 

Zeynep Ozgen(University of California, Los Angeles; Sociology)
“In Search of a Synthesis: Islamism’s bid for everyday life” 

Terrence Gordon Peterson (University of Wisconsin, Madison; History)
“The French War for Muslim Bodies: Gender and Legitimacy in the Algerian War (1954-1962)” 

Stefan Peychev (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; History)
“Public Baths and Urban Space: The Case of Ottoman Sofia” 

Naomi Pitamber (University of California, Los Angeles; Art History)
“Re-Placing Byzantium: Laskarid Urban Environments and the Landscape of Loss (A.D. 1204-1261)” 

Monika Rice (Brandeis University; Near Eastern & Judaic Studies)
“‘Are You Still Alive?’ First Encounters of Jewish Survivors with Their Former Polish Neighbors in Post-War Accounts” 

Adair Rispoli (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; English & Comparative Literature)
“The Counter-Anatomy of the Romantic Body” 

Daphne Claire Rozenblatt (University of California, Los Angeles; History)
“Before Mind and Society: A Biopsychological Study of Italy, 1871-1935” 

Stephanie Stillo (University of Kansas; History)
“Forging Imperial Cities: Seville and the Formation of Civic Order in the Spanish World”

Pier Domenico Tortola (University of Oxford; Politics & International Relations)
“Federalism, the Purse and the State: Explaining Spending Institutions in the European Union and in the United States” 

Laura Vares (Brown University; Anthropology)
“Growing Younger: Subjectivity, Space, and Adult Italian Women in the Middle” 

Susan M. Wager (Columbia University; Art History)
“Madame de Pompadour’s Indiscreet Jewels: Reproduction, Luxury Consumption, and the Construction of Self in Eighteenth-Century France”

Rebecca Aust Wall (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; History)
“Confrontations with Modernity: The Jews of M’Zab, Algeria, 1945-1982”

Pre-Dissertation Grant Funded by the Luso-American Development Foundation

Sara Victoria Torres (University of California, Los Angeles; English)
“Genealogical Narratives and Romance in Late Medieval England, Portugal, and Castile”  Pre-Dissertation Grant Funded by the Society for the Anthropology of Europe

Eddie L. Huffman (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Anthropology)
“‘Take a Taxi Tour’: Memory and Materiality in Post-Conflict Tourism in Belfast, Northern Ireland”


Pre-Dissertation Grants Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Minou Arjomand (Columbia University; English & Comparative Literature)
“The Final Trumpet: Opera and the Politics of Redemption”

John Boy (CUNY Graduate Center; Sociology)
“Churching Postmoderns: Evangelical Missionaries and Religious Change in Europe”

Sean Curran (University of California, Berkeley; Music)
“The Motets of the ‘La Clayette’ Manuscript and the Pious Possibilities of Thirteenth-Century Polyphony”

Jocelyn Dautel (University of Chicago; Psychology)
“Development of children’s early reasoning about Catholic and Protestant group members in Northern Ireland”

Aidan Forth (Stanford University; History)
“The Concentration Camp: Violence and Humanitarianism in the British Empire, 1830-1980”

Elizabeth Hanaeuer (New York University; Humanities & Social Sciences)
“Collective Identity Formation in the French Classroom: The discourse and incorporation of immigration history”

Katie Jarvis (University of Wisconsin, Madison; History)
“Crafting a Revolutionary Identity: The Dames des Halles and Political Activism during the French Revolution”

Anna Kolchinsky (Boston College; History)
“Tuberculosis in Germany 1900-1949: Science, Statism, and Social Hygiene”

Alexandra Lohse (American University; History)
“Total War: Endurance and Defeat in Nazi Germany, 1943 to 1945”

Martin Repinecz (Duke University; Romance Studies)
“‘Shipwrecked in the Ocean of Memories’: Migration and Postcolonialism in Contemporary Spain”

Amy Samuelson (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Anthropology)
“Global Environmentalism and the Black Sea: Sustainable Development in Postsocialist Romania”

Gene Tempest (Yale University; History)
“Humane War: The Horses of the Western Front, 1914-1920”

Chloe Thurston (University of California, Berkeley; Political Science)
“Drifting Towards Non-Standard Employment?: The politics of employment regulation and social policy in Western Europe”

Tara Tubb (University of California, Santa Barbara; History)
“Mastering the Stasi Past: The Preservation of the Stasi Personnel Files”

Galina Zapryanova (University of Pittsburgh; Political Science)
“Populists, Eurosceptics or Both? Explaining the Sources of Protest Politics in the New EU Member States”

Pre-Dissertation Grant Funded by the Luso-American Development Foundation

Brigette Smith (University of Virginia; History)
“Law and Diversity in Tangier (1640-1684)”  

Pre-Dissertation Grant Funded by the Society for the Anthropology of Europe

Lindsey West (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Anthropology)
“Who Counts? Birth and Citizenship Experiences of Migrant Women in Geneva”