EuropeNow | Issue 41

The May issue of EuropeNow has arrived with a special feature on Sustainable European Cities and Digitization, curated by Nicole Shea and Zsuzsanna Varga.

Sustainable development is not only key to political discourses and journalism, but it is also gaining traction with innovative approaches in academia, where the climate humanities combine their methodological rigour to turn scientific knowledge into social action and community engagement. This EuropeNow issue offers insights into developing the sustainability of European cities through a number of case studies of recent social and technological practices, while also foregrounding the role of the digital in modernization. The selection is much indebted to the work of two current COST Actions, which aim at developing research and innovation networks with the financial support of the European Commission. 

Read the full issue on EuropeNow.

Nicole Shea is the Chair of COST Action 18204 and guest researcher at the Georg Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies, Humboldt University. She is also the Director of the Council for European Studies and Executive Editor of EuropeNow. Her current research focuses on placemaking practices through the lens of the climate humanities.

Zsuzsanna Varga is Vice-Chair of COST Action 18204. She teaches Hungarian Studies at the University of Glasgow, where she also acts as Chief Adviser of Studies (College of Social Sciences). She has published widely on Hungarian film and literature from a comparative perspective (The Worlds of Hungarian Writing, 2016, Reflections in the Library, 2017 and Popular Cinemas in East Central Europe). Her current research focuses on the representation of the urban in travel writing and literary text, with special regard to the operations of 19th East Central European cultural capitals. 

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