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“The Spiralling of the Securitisation of Migration in the EU: From the Management of a ‘Crisis’ to a Governance of Human Mobility?” 
by Valeria Bello. 2020. In Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies: 1–18

Key words: (De)-securitization, migration, nation, cognition
Summary by Margaux Dandrifosse – IBEI

Nationalist Politics and Everyday Ethnicity in a Transylvanian Town
by Brubaker, Rogers, Margit Feischmidt, Jon Fox, and Liana Grancea. 2006. Princeton University Press

Key words: every-day ethnicity, minorities, nationhood, nationalism 
Summary by Margaux Dandrifosse – IBEI

From Security Considerations to De-securitising the Discourse on ‘old’ and ‘new’ Minorities”
by Andrea Carlà. 2020. In Extending Protection to Migrant Populations in Europe Old and New Minorities, edited by Roberta Medda-Windischer, Caitlin Boulter and Tove H. Malloy, 156-175. London: Routledge

Key words: old minorities, new minorities, migrants, (de)securitization, human security
Summary by Margaux Dandrifosse – IBEI

The Politics of Insecurity: Fear, Migration and Asylum in the EU?
by Jef Huysmans. 2006. London: Routledge

Key words: securitization, insecurity, migration, EU
Summary by Margaux Dandrifosse – IBEI

“Securitization and Minority Rights: Conditions of De-securitization”
by Paul Roe. 2004. In Security Dialogue 35 (3): 279–94

Key words: minorities, migrants, (de)securitization, identity
Summary by Margaux Dandrifosse – IBEI

“Identity and Desecuritisation: The Pitfalls of Conflating Ontological and Physical Security” 
by Bahar Rumelili. 2015. In Journal of International Relations and Development 18 (1): 52–74

Key words: ontological security, physical security, (de)-securitization
Summary by Margaux Dandrifosse – IBEI

“Securitization or Securing Rights? Exploring the Conceptual Foundations of Policies towards Minorities and Migrants in Europe” 
by Gwendolyn Sasse. 2005. In Journal of Common Market Studies 43 (4): 673–93

Key words: ethnic minorities, migrants, securitization, minority rights, EU, OSCE
Summary by Margaux Dandrifosse – IBEI

Nation Building: Why Some Countries Come Together While Others Fall Apart
by Andreas Wimmer. 2018. Princeton University Press

Key words: nation-building, ethnic diversity, state capacity
Summary by Margaux Dandrifosse – IBEI