Roles & Responsibilities

Presenting authors are expected to:

  • Circulate the papers among their session participants via email or upload them on our Open Water Platform at least a week before each conference component
  • Final papers should not exceed 6,000 words. Longer papers cannot be sufficiently covered in allocated session times
  • Prepare a presentation. Authors can use notes and each session room is equipped with technology to show PowerPoint. Authors must bring their presentation on a USB stick
  • All virtual sessions will have automatically assigned Zoom Links available in the Session Gallery. Virtual conference participants can share their screen to show their presentations. Presenting authors are encouraged to speak freely while giving their presentation
  • The duration of each presentation should conform to the allocated time by the panel chair. Presenters must respect the time and make sure to leave sufficient time for other panelists in the session
  • Authors should arrive in assigned virtual or in-person session room at least 15 minutes before the panel start time
  • If panelists cannot join their session, they must inform the panel chair immediately. If a panel chair’s contact information is not available, participants should inform CES at

Panel Chairs and Moderators are expected to:

  • Contact their panelists after the final conference program is published
  • Determine the format and time allocated for each presentation in the session
  • Set a deadline for receiving final papers. The panel chair should make sure that the papers are available to the panel discussant
  • Chairs can follow the order of presentations in the final conference program, but they may also rearrange the order in agreement with all panelists
  • Virtual panel chairs and moderators are responsible for launching the session via the Open Water Virtual Session Gallery
  • Introduce panel topic
  • Introduce presenting authors
  • Keep track of time
  • Moderate the discussion with audience
  • If the panel does not have a discussant, panel chairs and moderators are welcome to take an active part in the discussion, ask questions, provide brief comments, etc

Panel Discussants are expected to:

  • Provide constructive and respectful feedback on all papers; Point out thematic connections between presented works, outline strengths and weaknesses of each paper, and provoke discussion
  • The discussant must make sure to give equal time to each presented paper. If discussants wish to provide more detailed feedback on a particular paper, they are encouraged to continue exchange beyond the panel in a separate exchange