CES’s Academic Consortium is an international association of research and educational institutions committed to supporting and strengthening the study of Europe. CES currently boasts an institutional membership of over a hundred prestigious universities and academic institutions worldwide including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Sciences Po, Monash University, and many others, all of which are listed on the Institutional Members page.

Members of the Council for European Studies (CES) provide crucial support for its work and are engaged in innovative and influential research on a wide range of subjects, such as: transatlantic relations, political economy, cultural studies, European integration, nationalism and regionalism, immigration and racism, gender and sexuality, radicalism and violence, social movements, and health and wellbeing.

Institutional Member Benefits include:

Grants & Awards

Students and scholars at your institution will enjoy eligibility for a wide range of grants and awards to support their studies, research and publications. 

Research Networks

Connect with colleagues and develop valuable professional connections through our research networks

EuropeNow Campus

We’ll highlight how educators are engaging students with major research questions relating to Europe, gather educational materials to give teachers innovative tools on a variety of critical topics, and run interviews with students and educators who are erasing the gap between classroom learning and real-world impact. The projects, courses, and people in Campus Spotlights all come from Council for European Studies member institutions. 

Becoming a Member

All members of the Academic Consortium must be formally invited or approved to join by the Council’s Institutional Membership Committee, a subcommittee of the Council’s governing Executive Committee.Institutions wishing to apply for membership in the CES Academic Consortium may do so by completing the CES Institutional Membership Application. All new applications will be reviewed by the Membership Committee, and decisions will be communicated within ten business days.

If you have any questions about becoming a member of the Council’s Academic Consortium, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at or 646-745-8550.

Renewing Your Membership

To ensure your affiliates continue benefiting from institutional membership, renew by paying membership dues before your institution’s membership expires. If your institution has been formally accepted to join the CES Academic Consortium, pay first-time dues here too.