EuropeNow | Issue 48

Now offers a flavor of what the current European engagement with a Green transition is—its prides and less virtuous moments.

EuropeNow | Issue 47

Securitization is the process of taking the issue outside of normal politics, which is justified by the extraordinary or existential threat the issue poses.

EuropeNow on the War in Ukraine

In this series, we feature a spotlight on the Ukraine Crisis and its connections to European politics, society, and culture.

EuropeNow | Issue 46

The February issue of EuropeNow has arrived. From climate change and migration, to the externalization of border control, scholars and artists alike consider many of the challenges Europe is facing today.

EuropeNow | Issue 45

Contributors share their outlook on possible solutions to bring equilibrium back to these broken relationships, implicitly also addressing how more attention to inter-species justice could lessen some of the hierarchies that have shown to been detrimental to our environment, and therefore to our own species.

EuropeNow | Issue 44

In this special issue on Displacement, Memory, and Design, our contributors bring their research and expertise to showcase what such a re-examination and reimagining of the past can look like, and what central role design can play.

EuropeNow | Issue 43

The September issue of EuropeNow has arrived with a special feature on European Culture and the Moving Image. This issue presents the complex connectivity of European moving images, revealing new possibilities of archival research made possible by alternative and audience-generated archives.

EuropeNow | Issue 42

The summer issue of EuropeNow has arrived. From Europe’s pandemic failure, to QAnon, to the German Far Right, scholars and artists alike consider many of the challenges Europe is facing today